D.A. Entertainment

Welcome to Take Flight!, home to the iconic F-22 fighter jet. For decades humanity has dreamed about the ability to fly. Now with the power of modern technology any soul brave enough can control the awesome power of the worlds most deadly machine, the F-22 fighter jet.


Take Flight!

Star Squadron

D.T.F. (Dude That Truck Flips)

An Alien invasion has taken over the two known galaxies. For many, this represents an end to life as we know it, but you are one of the elite Star Squadron. Welcome to Star Squadron, a high intensity, open world space sim filled with planets, aliens, and space travel!

There are no invisible walls. You can travel in any direction in space or on foot infinitely. There are several planets to explore full of all kinds of creatures. Beam down to the surface or just keep flying around. Enjoy a professional soundtrack with new planets added regularly.


If you are a fan of classic games then DTF is for you. Fans of pinball and platformers will enjoy this energy filled ride. Rip through the mud and fly through the air while collecting those magic gold coins in a monster truck. DUDE THAT TRUCK FLIPS!